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The department of Mechanical Engineering at Universal Engineering College offers 4 year B.Tech (Bachelor of Technology) degree programme in Mechanical Engineering. The branch Mechanical Engineering links the rest of the disciplines together and offers a strong foundation for other Engineering education. The scope of mechanical engineering in India and abroad is huge for every aspect of our lives are touched by Mechanical Engineering in one way of the other. Spanning multiple industries, the career opportunities for students pursuing the programme is huge.

The applications of mechanical engineering have spread over such a wide spectrum that it has penetrated into almost every industry. ME graduates can find career in almost every sector, right from agriculture to aerospace, manufacturing to medical field, automobile to atmosphere, robotics to renewable energy and innovation to incubation and many more.

About Syllabus

The B.Tech curriculum of KTU covers broadly the areas of Mechanical Engineering, Economics, Life skills and Sustainable engineering. Core subjects in Mechanical Engineering are under the categories of Material science and technology, Thermal and fluid sciences, Applied mechanics, Production engineering, Industrial engineering and Management, Mechanical systems, Design and analysis. The syllabus comprises of various theory and laboratory courses under these categories. The theory courses comprises of Core courses and Elective courses. Each core theory course has a laboratory component, which provides a balanced mix in the quality of theoretical concepts taught in classrooms and experimental verification of the same. Overall, the undergraduate KTU curriculum in Mechanical Engineering programme is spread over 8 semesters and designed to have a total of 180 credits.

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