Universal Engineering College

Exam Cell

Common arrangements

1. Seating Arrangement

2. Drinking Water

3. Invigilation

Important Instruction to the Candidate

KTU Directions

Answer Booklets

Bar Coded Facing Sheet (Very Important)

A bar coded facing sheet (A4 size) will be issued to each student for each examination. The bar coded facing sheet is unique for each student in each examination. The top removable portion of the facing sheet will contain Register Number, Name, Course name (subject) and space for putting signature. The student shall check the above details and peel it off from the facing sheet and paste it against his register number/name in the attendance sheet. He/she should then put his/her signature in the space provided. The remaining portion of the facing sheet shall be pasted on the cover page of the answer book issued to the student. The student shall not write anything on this portion.

Admission To Examination Hall

Discipline In The Examination Hall

Leaving The Examination Hall