Universal Engineering College

National Innovation and Startup Policy (NISP)




Short Term Goals

Long Term Goals

Thrust areas

NISP Implementation Committee:

Following are the members of the committee formed by identifying the experts having expertise and experience in the domain of innovation, IPR and startup to start working on the policy formation and implementation of guidelines at the institute.
Dr. Jose K JacobPresident
Mr. Antonio Joseph V K Vice-president
Mr. Geo JacobExecutive member
Mr. Texo JoseConvener
Ms. Anima P Member
Ms. Latha ThomasMember
Ms. ChelsyJoyMember
Mr. KrishnakumarP VMember
Mr. Mohamed Akbar V KMember
Adv. Mohammed Sadique T AIPR consultant
Mr. Ajmal Bin Rasheed, Green DimensionsAlumni Entrepreneur
Mr. Sabareenath G, Executive Director, Vajra Rubber Products (P) LtdExpert from nearby industry
Mr. Adarsh - Executive Director,Sachindra Rubber Plus LLPExpert from nearby industry
Mr. V K Shamsudeen, Finetools, UAEInvestor

Key Performance Indicators

Annual budget spent on innovation and startup funding, income and expenditure towards promoting and supporting innovation and startup in campus.

Ideas/prototype/innovation have received grant/funding from pre-incubation/incubation centre/facilities.

Policy Document

UEC National Innovation and Startup Policy document: