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Institution has a very large library with an area over 400 m2 and with more than 15000 books comprising both Indian and international authors. Newspapers and previous university question papers are also available. Books are classified as per Dewey decimal classification scheme for easy access. The library is fully automated using the software called KOHA to help in searching availability of books and details of transactions of students in the library. 60 seats are arranged in reference section. Browsing, printing and photocopying facilities are provided in the library. UEC have a digital library with 40 computers for providing the staffs and students to learn at their own comfort and convenience. Students can access and read the eBooks and E-journals using the digital library.

General Information

ESHELF-Digital Library

eShelf Digital Library is a software platform that incorporates Digital Contents & its Management System that helps create , categorize , index , search , retrieve and share various forms of digital contents in audio/video/text formats.
Digital Library System is used for preserving digital assets like Books, Journals, Magazines, Articles, Project Reports, Question Papers, Research Papers, Courseware, News, Directory, Exam Schedule, Syllabus, Thesis and Seminar Notes of an institution in multimedia format that includes Text, Graphics, Animation, Video, Audio and Images, all under a single platform than in the disparate fashion that is prevalent today.
Digital library Readers can search the different collections available in digitalised format.
Reference Services – a separate section is maintained for reference . Costly and multiple copy books are available in this section.

Reprographic Services – reprographic facility is available in the library. Users can take the photocopies of the reference books and journals from this section.

Library Rules


Library Services