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Internal Training Team


This team will guide you through the basics of powerful interpersonal skills and find out how to develop soft skills that are important to your personal success, how to effectively present your skills in your interviews, how to communicate correctly in linguistic and nonverbal communication which advances your innate personality formation. This team started with effect from 4th October 2021



Events organized:

1. Bridge Course for 2021-2025 admission Batch

The Internal Training Team of Universal Engineering College conducted the bridge course for the academic year 2021-2022.As a part of Soft Skill Development a number of programs was conducted under this banner. The program was inaugurated by Dr. Jose K Jacob (Principal, Universal Engineering College).

Ice Breaking

Turning Newspaper into Trend

Product Development and Marketing


Concluding Session

2. Think Bots (Aptitude Hunt Series) (On Going Event)

A series of aptitude exam is planned monthly exclusively for Final Year students to uncover their strengths and weaknesses, along with their ability to succeed in specific situations and to understand their ability to successfully perform particular tasks. Each Month best performing 3 students will be selected and will be awarded. This will help the students to reduce their test anxiety during placement process.


December 2021Ms.Jisna Jayan (CSE)Ms. Jeleeta Shajan (CSE)Ms.Aparna Shaju (CE)
January 2022Ms. Aparna Shaju (CE)Ms. Malavika P S (CE)Mr. Pranav A Menon (ME)
February 2022Ms. Jeleeta Shajan (CSE)Ms. Malavika P S (CE)
Ms.Aparna Shaju (CE)
Mr. Pranav A Menon (ME)
March 2022Ms. Jeleeta Shajan (CSE)Ms.Jisna Jayan (CSE)Mr. Mrudhul Krishna K U (Me)

REFLECTIONS 2022 (On Going Event)

Reflection 2022 is the event aiming the students to gives you an opportunity to practice what to say and do during an interview and get feedback. This is typically a mock interview session which will be led by a panel of judges including Principal, Placement Officer, Administrative coordinator, HOD, Placement coordinator, Project heads. The assessing factors depends on their outfit, mannerisms, reasoning ability, attitude, passion, future plans, and interests and points will be awarded. Phase wise phase wise program schedule is as below:
1ABOUT MESelf reflection about oneself ,basically a SWOT analysis to help improve oneself also ITT members to get an idea of students interests

2JAM(Just a minute)Random Topics would be shuffled in jar and each student has to pick one and speak about it for a minute

3Group DiscussionA general topic shall be given and each student shall be given a chance to express his or her opinion on the topic
4DebateA socially relevant topic shall be picked for the same and the class may be divided into groups and they will have to speak for and against the topic in the presence of a moderator
5Resume PreparationA sample along with guidance shall be given on preparation of a resume and each on shall be asked to make one on their own
6Self IntroductionPrepare them for an impressive self introduction based on resume and about me
7Mock InterviewA panel of expertise shall give an offline interview sample for the students of final year so as to prepare them for the actual interviews coming up



Date of execution







Staff  In Charge:

Aswathy P Sajeev

Assistant Professor, ME