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Literary And Debate Club

The Club was established on 19th October 2016, inaugurated by Mr. Backer Methala, Renowned Malayalam Lyricist. The key aim of this club is to improve the student’s literary skills and also to be able to address any crowd with confidence. To achieve these, club members are encouraged to read widely. Beginners are groomed to become good readers through a series of training and tasks.
In the club, students are also encouraged to write about certain issues, personal experiences, and imagined stories. They are also engaged with verbal summary i.e. narration of stories that they have read. The club organizes debates where students are made to propose and oppose various topics/issues. They also partake in varieties of discussions where pupils are given the opportunity to express their personal opinions.


To be a role model in the field of literature by sharpening the literary perceptions and expressions of the student community and enriching the creative culture and traditional outlook from a universal perspective.


To promote the holistic growth of our youth by leading them to vast reading and organizing Debates, Group Discussions, Seminars, and various literary events. Also to tap and nurture their hidden talents in the field of literature and thereby add value to our rich culture.

Details of few previous events

Sl noEventsTopicResource personDate
1Essay Writing
Importance Of Constitutional Values In The Present Scenario26/11/2021
2Expert TalkHow Reading And Writing Heal Yourself Aiswarya Vijayan
(Psychiatric Counsellor & Writer)
3Expert Talk"Know Yourself"Ms.Praveena E.P( Trainer, Counselor). 25/02/2022
4Story Writing

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Staff  In Charge:

Suprabha C.C

Asst Professor , AS&H Department