Universal Engineering College

Science Club

The Science Club is an on-campus group of students interested in science that provides an environment for members to explore different topics or applications of science, seek guidance, and share knowledge and love for science. Members more experienced in science are encouraged to assist those who might need help navigating the Science  major/minor requirements or home work when able. There will be opportunities to learn about the research experiences available in the field of science as well as the process of finding them, applying, and the experiences of attending one.


Science Club is one of the better platform for the engineering students to realize their scientific skills, knowledge and fulfill their quest in doing science activities for which they do not got opportunities within the curriculum framework.




Science Club in Universal Engineering College was inaugurated on 15st May  2021.The programme was inaugurated by shri.P.B Anvar (Executive Director,UEC.Director,HOTPACK,UAE).Followed by Logo release and invited talk on the topic “Students habits at covid period:Insights and impacts”, by Mr. Lathif Penath (consultant psychologist, Assistant Professor,Dept. of Psychology,MES Asmabi college,Kodungallur)

Microphotography Contest

Science Club in Universal Engineering College Celebrated International Biological Diversity day on 22 may 2021. Biodiversity Day 2021 slogan :”We’re part of  the solution” .Biodiversity is the shortened form of two words “biological “ and “diversity”.It refers to all the variety of life that can be found on earth as well as to the  communities that they form and habitats in which they live. 

A photography contest was held in connection with this day.

World Environmental Day celebration

Science Club in Universal Engineering College Celebrated world environmental day. The programme Name was ” Plant A Tree Event”.

 The theme for world  environmental day in 2021 is “Ecosystem Restoration”.

National Science Day

As a part of national science day celebration a quiz competition  on and one webinar  conducted on 28th february 2022



Staff  In Charge:

Athira Kunjunny

Assistant professor,AS&H