Universal Engineering College

SPEC Committee

The SPEAC was constituted for the overall result improvement of Universal Engineering college in the meeting presided by Hon. Chairman, Mr. V K Shamsudeen, Hon. Vice Chairman Mr. P K Salim and Principal Dr. Jose K Jacob on 18th November, 2020. As an initial step, a system has to be established and implemented for the first year result improvement.The proceedings of the SPEAC are based on A. P. J. Abdul Kalam Technological University Academic Regulations for B. Tech, 2019



The top three students of a class in the first and second internal exams shall be awarded as follows.

PositionAward with a memento & present worth
1 st

Rs. 250
2 nd Rs. 150
3 rd Rs. 100

If a student scores 10 CGPA in a university semester exam, he/she shall be awarded with Rs.5000 cash award and a memento.
The overall result of B.Tech University examination is in between the predicted range of college. The individual pass percentage for each subject is an excellent performance and fair enough on comparing with series exam l subject analysis.The main highlight that we could boast off is that the overall result is pretty beyond the Series I and Series II result.