Universal Engineering College


IQAC of Universal Engineering College thrives for the quality sustenance and lead a catalytic role for the development of the institution towards excellence. IQAC ensures and improves the quality through its continuous monitoring of all the internal and external activities of the institution.

The monitoring mechanism of IQAC emphasises on:

IQAC Members

1Dr. Jose K Jacob(Principal) -Chairperson
2Dr. Harinarayan N H (Professor & HOD, CE)-Director
3Mr.P K Saleem (Vice Chairman, UET)-Management Representative
4Dr. K K Narayanan (Vice Principal) – Member
5Mr. Nikhil R(Assistant Professor, CE)-Secretary
6Mr. Antonio Joseph V K(Assistant Professor, ME)-NBA Coordinator
7Ms Remya V R(Associate Professor, EEE)-Joint Secretary
8Ms. Rekha M(Associate Professor, ECE)-KTU Internal Auditor
9Mr. Geo Jacob(Administrative Coordinator)-Member
10Dr. Prem Sankar R(Professor & HOD, ME)-Training & Placement Officer
11Dr. Nitha C Velayudhan(Professor & HOD, CSE)-Member
12Dr. Shaniba Asmi P(Professor & HOD, ECE)-Member
13Dr. Joly M(Professor & HOD, EEE)-Member
14Ms. Gayathri K K(Associate Professor, ECE)-Member
15Ms Anupama Jinan(Assistant Professor, CE)-Member
16Ms.July M J(Associate Professor, ASH)-Member
17Ms Nighila Ashok K(Assistant Professor, CSE)-Member
18Mr. Arjun M S(Assistant Professor, ME)-Member
19Mr. Abdul Razak(Workshop Superintendent)-Member
20Dr. Harikrishnan S(General Manager,Cochin Shipyard)-Member
21President(Block Panchayath,Vellangallur)-Member
22Mr. Sreekanth V M(Alumini Representative)-Member
23Mr. Saseendran Veliyath(Vice President PTMA)-Member
24Mr. Arjun Raj K(College Union Chairman)-Member