Universal Engineering College

Labs and Resources

SL NOName Of The LabRoom NoLab Facilities
1Fluid Machinery LabLab ComplexPelton Wheel,kaplan Turbine,francis Turbine,reciprocating Pump,centrifugal Pump,gear Pump,sumersible Pump,air Jet Pump,bernoulli's Apparatus,pipe Fricion Apparatus,open Chnnel Flow Apparatus,meta Centric Height Apparatus,venturimeter Orifice Meter,Mouthpiece,pitot Tube
2Production LabLab ComplexLathe,milling Machine,drilling Machine,slotting Machine,planer Machine,shaper Machine,grinding Machine
3Thermal LabLab ComplexDiesel Engine Test Rig,single Cylinder Petrol Engine Test Rig,multi Cylinder Petrol Engine Test Rig,air Compressor,refrigeration Test Rig,air Blower,flash And Fire Point,heat Exchangers,composite Wall Test Rig,natural Convection Heat Transfer Equipment, Forced Convection Heat Transfer Equipment
4Instrumentation LabLab AnnexVernier Height Gauge,micrometer,vernier Caliper,slip Gauge,stroboscope,rotameter,lvdt,pressure Transducer,tool Makers Microscope,strain Gauge
5ME WokrsopLab AnnexCarpentry,foundry,Smithy,Welding ,Fitting
6CAD LabB 101Autocad,solid Edge,ansys,openfoam

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