Universal Engineering College

Student Projects

2015-19 Batch project details A & B

1Design and Fabrication of Forced Vibration Apparutus
2Fuel from Plastic
3Anti theft Break locking system for CD 100 Bike
4Design and Fabrication of Parallel Counterflow Heat Exchanger
5Reversed Tilting Trike
6Design and fabrication of Aquatic Weed Remover
7Treadmill Powered Electric Motorcycle
8Automatic shoe polishing machine
9Portable hydraulic (manually operated) jib lifter
10Multi Wheel Nut remover
11Manual roller bending machine
12Watts governer
Sl NoTopic Name
1Fabrication and performance analysis of thermo acoustic refrigerator
2Design and fabrication of inbuilt hydraulic jack for automobile
3Design and fabrication of plastic crushing machine and simple moulding machine
4Design and fabrication of three axis pneumatic modern trailer
5Integrated water desalination and wind power technology
6Fabrication and study of magnetically levitated vertical axix wind mill
7Design and fabrication of semi automatic wall plastering machine
8Design and fabrication of automatic sand sieving machine
9Design and fabrication of multi task machine
10Design and fabrication of human hoist
11Design and fabrication of automatic guided vehicle for agricultural purpose
12Design and fabrication of mono wheel motor bike

2018-22 Batch Project Details

I29 Abijith C C
30 Adarsh P S
17 Athulkrishnan V G
Mr. Aswin M MenonDesign and analysis of single leaf spring made of composite for light commercial vehicles
21 Aadharsh Sudarsanan
5 Abhiram M
15 Arjun P H
31 Ajass K P
Mr. Nithin V K Design and fabrication of plastic rope maker
310 Akshay T P
20 C N Muhammed Nebilshal
23 Galeefa P A
26 Hritwik
Mr. Texo JoseDesign and fabrication of multipurpose agricultural machine
47 Akhil K P
12 Ameersha N A
14 Anshif Rahman
Mr. Nithin VK Mr. MSCfd analysis on rudder-bulb-fin device and to design and predict energy saving effect
53 Abdul Razik P N
21 Dipin P B
25 Harikrishna C S
Mr. Arjun M S Mr. Jaison K AComparison Of Convetional And Circular Duct Sytem Using Cfd(Case Study)
66 Adhith K V
24 Hari Chand Santhosh
Mr. Denny C D
Mr. Antonio Joseph
Cfd analysis of airfoils at different angles of attack
735 Anandhu Murali
22 Fenasteen K J
Mr. Hridesh S Mr. Antonio JosephAnalysis of a nozzle used in abrasive jet machining process with computational fluid dynamics
84 Abhijith Santhosh K
18 Basil Basheer
19 Benny E P
27 Jeswin John
Mr. Amal V KFoot step power system
92 Abdul Azeez P M
8 Akshay Krishna C B
9 Akshay P S
16 Athul Davis
Mr. Vimal N ACharacterization of centrifugally cast aluminium silicon carbice metal matrix composite
1011 Alphin Shibu
32 Akshay Babu
36 Gokuldas M
37 Sachin P P
Mr. Denny C DDesign and fabrication of portable medical ventilator
1113 Anand Krishna M S
28 Abel Daison
33 Akshay N Anilan
Mrs. Aswathy P SajeevMicrostructure and mechanical property analysis of aitios
Sl. No.Title of Main ProjectName of GuideMembers of Project Batch
1Numerical simulation of heat pipe thermal management system with wet cooling system for lithium ion batteriesMr. Texo Jose
Mr. Nithin V K
Yadhukrishnan K S
Jibin Poulose
Jerson George
2Design improvement of cng-air mixer for diesel dual fuel engines using cfdMr. Hridesh S
Mr. Vimal N A
Pranav K Rajesh
Subil Kumar P S
Vinu Raphy
3Cfd simulation of heat affected zone
In ti6alav alloy using micro water guided lbm
Mr. Jaison K A
Mr. Texo Jose
Jibin K G
Joyal Joshy
Jerin Johnson
4Design and fabrication of automatic waste segregation machineMr. Aswin M MenonNandakishor P D
N A Akshay
Sarath K
Krishna Venugopal
5Design and fabrication of household coconut oil extraction machineMr. Nithin V KNidhin Ramesh
Nikhil Vyas
Ninesh V
Mohammed Risham K M
6Design and fabrication of hole drilling machine for agricultural purposeMr. Amal V KMohammed Roshal P A
Mrudhulkrishna K U
Pranav A Menon
7Design and fabrication of surgical mask shredding machine and analysis of reinforced concreteMr. Saswath K SJaikishan K S
Sabareesh K. U.
Vishnulal V M
Naseeb T N
8Design and fabrication of mini conveyor using geneva mechanismMr. Arjun M SRahul H Kurup
Rahul K S
Sangeeth Prasannan
Rahul I V
9Design and fabrication of football launcherMr. KrishnakumarMadhav Roshan
Mohamed Fazil
Rithik Ramdas T R
Shajmal K A