Universal Engineering College

HOD’s Desk


Dr. Nitha C Velayudhan

M.Tech., Ph.D Professor and HOD, Computer Science and Engineering

Over the years we have developed a distinct style and method that bridges the gap between Academia and Industry. Technology changes rapidly, especially in the field of computing, focuses on the emerging areas such as Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Robotics. We want the education imparted to our students to be the basis of a life time of learning.

Our Department has shaped hundreds of professionals and has established brand in the state and country. Our students have consistently excelled in the highly competitive industrial environment. I point out this success to the winning combination of a dedicated faculty that works hard at imparting quality education, a well-planned syllabus.

Learning does not end with the acquisition of a degree, especially because of rapid advances in computing technologies. Therefore we aims to enhance our student’s entrepreneurial skills by introducing innovative activities, problem-solving techniques, and introducing add on courses in emerging technologies are made adaptable to changes.

We believe that this approach with practical experience and Industrial Training in reputed organizations, prepares our students to handle the challenges posed by the software industry. I am confident that you will find our students worthy of your organization