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About Syllabus

The B.Tech curriculum of KTU covers broadly the areas of Civil Engineering, Economics, Life skills and Sustainable Engineering and Core subjects in Civil Engineering are under the categories of Material science and technology, Applied mechanics, Geotechnical Engineering, Transportation Engineering, Surveying, Structural analysis and design. The syllabus comprises various theory and laboratory courses under these categories. The theory courses consist of Core courses and Elective courses. Each core theory course has a laboratory component, which provides a balanced mix in the quality of theoretical concepts taught in classrooms and experimental verification of the same. Overall, the undergraduate KTU curriculum in Civil Engineering programme is spread over 8 semesters and designed to have a total of 162 credits.

University also revised the syllabus in 2019 which allows a student to get a minor engineering degree along with BTech for which a student has to collect additional 20 credits through undergoing 4 Subjects in each semester starting from 3rd Semester and doing one mini project in the chosen area.

Yearly Syllabus: